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Zoya Ministries has been a long partner with Ministry of Mercy Orphanages (MOM) which is a Nigerian registered charity that cares for the physical, medical, educational, and spiritual needs of those in its care, regardless of their background, gender, color, sex or religion. Birthed by the compassion and love of long-term Nigerian missionaries Paul and Caroline Gross and family, this work was handed off to Nigerian nationals Daniel and Esther Edeh on August 1, 1992.

Located in the small village of Otutulu in Dekina Local Government Area, Kogi State on land donated by the Edeh family, it has now grown to be one of the largest orphanages in Nigeria with two large complexes providing a home for more than 400 residents, mostly children and babies. Originally started to care for those with physical or mental disabilities, the albino's, those with epilepsy and others with different challenges, the scope of care has expanded so that now most of the new residents entering its care are half or full orphans, predominantly infants.

Our Mission in Nigeria

The original orphanage at Otutulu has grown to become a well-equipped center to care for the 300 or more persons in its charge as well as providing low-level outpatient medical care to those in the local community who do not require residence. This center includes: Two dormitories, Kitchen, Large K-7 school, Staff quarters, Farm complex, Guest quarters, Discovery center, Basic health clinic.

The care policy of MOM has always been to care for anyone in need without any form of discrimination. This includes babies and children orphaned or infected by HIV/AIDS, as well as women infected with HIV/AIDS and, as a result, ostracized by their communities. One of the chief roles these women take on is the day-to-day care of the HIV/AIDS-positive children, creating family-like units into which the orphans are placed.

Waymaker Missions


(God’s Own Evangelistic Discipleship Ministry), Jalingo Taraba State, Nigeria


God’s Own Evangelistic Discipleship Ministry (GOEDM), also known as Way Maker Missions, is an indigenous mission agency based in Taraba state, North-Eastern Nigeria, with a vision to resolutely reach the unreached people groups of the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by God’s grace. The vision, which was given in 2001to the International Mission Director, late Pastor Joshua Okpanachi Adah (martyred), eventually found expression and led to the establishment and official inauguration of the ministry on the 16th of April 2006.

After the horrible massacre of her late husband, (Joshua Adah) in 2015, Pastor Mrs. Ngozi Joshua Adah had a choice: either to turn her back on the orphans who solely depended on their ministry for sustenance or close the Christian school they ran which provided free education, boarding, and feeding to over 250 children or pick up the pieces. She had left the familiar for the unfamiliar in obedience to God’s call and to support her husband, Joshua Adah but never envisaged that the very people he went to help will kill him. She decided to pick up the pieces and carry on her late husband’s vision for the Way Maker Missions (God’s Own Evangelical Discipleship Ministry).


The ministry suffered another set back in 2019 when the Fulani Militia attacked the ministry and burnt down everything: the Christian academy building, the student’s hostels, everything they had was lost! They lost everything except their faith.


It is these very tragic events, in addition to Sis Ngozi Joshua Adah’s and the ministry’s resilience that inspired and compelled Zoya Ministries to partner with this organization in 2020.

Waymaker missions’ (GOEDM) vision is to resolutely reach the unreached people groups of the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by God’s grace through outreaches, evangelism, feeding programs, education, and discipleship.

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