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Zoya Ministries is partnering with Hebron Ministries, a fellowship of ministers from cross-denominational backgrounds who unite to minister in countries around the world. It was founded in 1979, and from its beginnings, it has had locations in the United States, Guatemala, and throughout Central America, including our newest outreach-Honduras. Zoya has assembled a medical team and will be sending them for an on-site medical mission in the summer of 2024.





Our Mission in Haiti

Cap-Rouge village is a remote community in Southern Haiti made up of farmers who grow corn, vegetables, and fruits in their gardens. Some have a few turkeys, chicken, sheep, or a pig and only the most fortunate have a cow and a mule for transportation. Their only income comes from selling their small produce harvest in the nearest city, Jacmel. Jacmel is located on the Southern coast of the island, via a very steep road accessible only by taxi-motorcycle during daylight hours when it is not raining. Rarely do cars go up to Cap-Rouge.


Most village houses are two rooms with an independent small makeshift house for the kitchen. No electricity, no running water. In 2010,we partnered with Arms Of Jesus Children’s Mission (AOJ) to support their work in providing education & nourishment to the children of Cap-Rouge. In 2012, we helped build single-family homes for those who lost their homes in earthquakes or hurricanes. In 2014, Zoya embarked on a short-term medical mission to Cap-Rouge to bring healing to the bodies and souls of those who came from near and wide to seek medical care.

Our Upcoming Mission in Honduras 

Honduras is a Central American country with Caribbean Sea coastlines to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. In the tropical rainforest near Guatemala, the ancient Mayan ceremonial site Copán has stone-carved hieroglyphics and stelae, tall stone monuments. In the Caribbean Sea are the Bay Islands, a diving destination that's part of the 1,000km-long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Cristiana Sion Church in Copán Ruinas, Honduras under the coverage of Hebron Ministries that longs more than ever for the visitation of the Holy Spirit on Earth. We thank pastors Luis and Diana Rodenas for allowing Zoya Ministries to unite.

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