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In Kenya, access to the very basic human services such as health care, education, clean drinking water and sanitation is often a luxury for many families and individuals. Zoya has partnered with Total Care who opened a mission clinic in 2020, where they began to partner with Deliverance Church Eldoret, Kenya. In the Summer of 2022, Zoya sent a team of professionals to serve the people of Kenya. During their mission trip, they were able to serve 893 patients in three days, and 107 souls came to know the Lord.


Our Mission in Haiti

Cap-Rouge village is a remote community in Southern Haiti made up of farmers who grow corn, vegetables, and fruits in their gardens. Some have a few turkeys, chicken, sheep, or a pig and only the most fortunate have a cow and a mule for transportation. Their only income comes from selling their small produce harvest in the nearest city, Jacmel. Jacmel is located on the Southern coast of the island, via a very steep road accessible only by taxi-motorcycle during daylight hours when it is not raining. Rarely do cars go up to Cap-Rouge.


Most village houses are two rooms with an independent small makeshift house for the kitchen. No electricity, no running water. In 2010,we partnered with Arms Of Jesus Children’s Mission (AOJ) to support their work in providing education & nourishment to the children of Cap-Rouge. In 2012, we helped build single-family homes for those who lost their homes in earthquakes or hurricanes. In 2014, Zoya embarked on a short-term medical mission to Cap-Rouge to bring healing to the bodies and souls of those who came from near and wide to seek medical care.

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