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We conducted 12,000+ free physical screenings and provided post-op care during our medical mission trips.

Over 20 homes built

Over 300,000 vitamins to children, pregnant women, and the elderly

Over 15,000 prescriptions filled and over $5 million USD worth of medical supplies distributed

Latest Announcements 

Silent Auction Dinner | May 4, 2024 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Honduras Mission Trip is July 12 – 21, 2024, We have 26 total spots.

Learn More About Zoya Ministries & What We Do

In 1999 the Lord laid a vision on Dr. David Abebefe’s heart, the vision of Zoya Ministries. Zoya is derived from a Greek word Zoe meaning God’s life. Zoya Ministries is a non-profit 501 C3 organization. The Vision is to go around the world in fulfilling Jesus’s last commission. To provide medical care to the poor and the forgotten people around the world. Zoya Ministries utilizes its medical platform to share the gospel of Christ and demonstrate the love of God for the sick, diseased, and dying. We care for the poor, the orphans, widows, and the neglected people of the world. Jesus said it’s the sick who need a physician and not those who are well. The ministry has flourished and grown to include dental, ophthalmology, surgical, home construction, food distribution and washing of the children’s feet with provision of new shoes. We are grateful for all the volunteers, staff and donors who have supported the ministry over the years. May God’s kingdom continue to increase through the services we can provide for his glory.


We Provide

Medical Care

Through our medical missions, we've offered over 12,000 free physical screenings and crucial post-operative care. Our efforts include over 200 eye surgeries, distribution of 2,000+ eyeglasses, and providing 300,000 vitamins to vulnerable groups. Additionally, we've filled over 15,000 prescriptions and distributed $5 million USD in medical supplies, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to health and healing in underserved communities, reflecting God's love in action.

We Provide

Home Construction

In our mission to serve the less fortunate, we've built over 20 homes in poverty-stricken areas, transforming lives and communities. These homes represent more than shelter; they are beacons of hope and dignity, made possible by the collective efforts of our dedicated volunteers and supporters. Through these acts of kindness, we embody our commitment to sharing God's love and fulfilling our divine calling, one home at a time.

We Provide

Food Distribution 

In our quest to address hunger in impoverished communities, we've initiated food distribution programs that have nourished countless lives. By providing essential meals, we not only feed the hungry but also convey hope and compassion, embodying our ministry's dedication to reflecting God's love. Each distribution is a testament to our collective commitment, with volunteers and supporters playing pivotal roles in this vital service, reinforcing our mission to care for those in need, one meal at a time.

Do something GREAT.
Do something MEANINGFUL.
Do something NOW!

Join Medical Mission Team

Zoya Ministries offers opportunities to serve on short-term medical missions each year. During these trips, a team of 15-20 people work to provide medical clinics to the local people.


We believe EVERY LIFE IS IMPORTANT, from the people we serve to you who make our missions possible. We strive each day to live out our faith in Christ by loving others through our actions.


As a sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to be the Healing Hands and Giving Hearts to children in need. Many of these children lack the basic necessities to survive and your sponsorship will provide nutritious meals.









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